About us

Cassiopeia provides a premier experience of stylishly arranged Pop, Dance, Lounge & Jazz Songs with a compact 4-person Live-Band. Inspiring vocals, virtuoso Saxophone and Guitar performances and elaborate arrangements provide a first-class musical experience. We are adressing all generations with our typical audience being between 40-60 years old. Each musician brings outstanding individual skills to the group, which are highly complementary and result in a very attractive overall package.



We fully align with the requirements of our clients and accompany corporate events, receptions, fairs, Christmas dinners, weddings and private parties. All ensemble members are professional musicians, cover a wide musical range and each individual represents a different age bracket: from Twenties to Fifties, all decades are represented by the musicians, contributing to a dynamic and creative musical mixture.



Whether it is Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Bob Marley, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade, Diana Krall, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra or David Guetta, Avicii, Amy Winehouse or Helene Fischer – there are plenty of songs and opportunities for all generations to listen, toe-tap and dance.


We play well-known pieces in a new guise and have developed a special style: be it George Gershwin’s „Summertime“ with a Mary J Blige Hip Hop Beat, Michael Jackson‘s „Billie Jean“ with a modern dance groove, instrumental standards such as „Mercy Mercy Mercy“ / „Tequila“ with laid-back LA jazz groove, Frank Sinatra‘s „All of Me“ with a classical Swing combo instrumentation, „Girl from Ipanema“ with a stylish Brazilian latin sound, Sting‘s „Fragile“ with a Cafe del Mar ambient groove, David Guetta‘s „Titanium“ with a Techno dance beat or „Atemlos“ / „Ein Stern“ with a party rhythm. All songs were individually re-arranged and each piece has a „certain something“, while special attention was given to always retain the essential original character. Every song can be played in a different style, depending on the situation and atmosphere (Original, Unplugged, Latin, Swing, Lounge, Rock and Dance).



Our repertoire covers a wide musical range and is flexible until the last minute. Also, special style mottos are possible – we can play all songs exclusively in a Cafe del Mar-, Latin-/ Bossanova-, Swing- or Unplugged- style, adapted to the specific occasion and venue.


Stage requirements, equipment and logistics

We continuously invest in the latest musical technology to ensure an optimal stage sound and cooperate with the main Northern German equipment rental companies for larger events. Our pre-/ post-performance effort has been efficiently optimized over many years and our technical, logistical and spatial requirements are minimal compared to other professional bands.


Superstition • Stevie Wonder
Joy & Pain • Maze
Take The A-Train • Duke Ellington